Leadership Rockdale

What is Leadership Rockdale?  

Leadership Rockdale is a program of the Conyers– Rockdale Chamber of Commerce which provides a learning experience for current and emerging leaders of Rockdale County. Participants of the program will be given the opportunity to develop an understanding of the promises and challenges facing Conyers and Rockdale County and the diversity of the county and region. The program is designed to be an educational experience. As such, Leadership Rockdale will not attempt to create a consensus of opinions or to promote any specific issue. Participants will be encouraged to take their increased knowledge of the community, awareness of its institutions, and familiarity with its leaders into their world and involve themselves in all areas of community life. Using their leadership skills with a broader understanding of the complexities of our community, participants will be better prepared to lead Rockdale toward a brighter future.   

Who is Eligible to Participate?

A diversified group in terms of race, sex and occupation will be selected. Participants will represent a cross-section of individuals from businesses, social services, neighborhoods, religious, cultural and educational organizations.   

What Can the Participant Expect? 

Leadership Rockdale will develop leadership skills and knowledge of the community through a series of seven full day sessions and a retreat. Topics such as the justice system, government, education, community wellness and industry will be addressed. Information will be presented through lectures, panel discussions, tours, and informal question and answer sessions. 

Participants must show a sincere commitment, be motivated and interested in the community, and have the desire to increase their service in key leadership positions in Rockdale County. Each class member must make a firm commitment to attend the entire Leadership Rockdale program.    

How Much Time Will Be Required? 

Leadership Rockdale sessions will be held from October through May. Participants are expected to attend 100% of the seven full-day monthly sessions and the overnight retreat. A strict attendance policy is maintained. The policy is reviewed with each participant and if not followed will affect the participant’s receipt of their diploma at graduation.   

What is the Cost?  

Tuition for each participant is $895 (Chamber member) or $995 (non-member)*. Participants are responsible for paying their own tuition or making arrangements for payment by their employer and/or a sponsoring organization. The fee must be paid prior to the retreat in September. Fees are used to provide honorariums for speakers, transportation, meals, social activities and administrative costs. *Non-profit organizations pay the member price of $895. 

How is One Accepted?   

Individuals can be nominated for the program by a firm, organization or individual (self-nominations are accepted). Once an applicant is nominated, he or she will be asked to complete a detailed application. The application becomes the sole basis for selection.  

For more information or to nominate someone for the next class, please contact Katy Zahradnik at 770-483-7049 or katy@conyers-rockdale.com.  

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