Would you like to have a part time sales force helping you get new clients? When you join a Chamber leads group, you are joining a group that can help expand your sales network. This weekly commitment gives you the opportunity to get to know other members and them to know you. By sharing what you need in your business to grow your sales, the group can become your sales support.

What is a leads group?

This is a group of members helping members build their business, whether you own a business in the auto, fashion or tech industries like Green Bits. Your group has approximately 10 to 20 members who you enlist as part time sales people. During regular interactions, they learn about your business so they can help provide referrals to you. The group provides weekly engagement in a positive working environment where you share resources and build connections.

Leads group members learn and know about your business.

You get approximately 10 minutes to present about your business. Presentations are scheduled on a rotational basis during meetings so every group member has a turn to present throughout the quarter. During your presentation time, you have the floor to explain who your ideal client is and what members should know to help refer that ideal client to you. Because your presentations are rotated, you can discuss about various seasonal projects and events that would attract clients at specific times during the year.


Leads groups gather quarterly for Jump Start Your Morning event.

Leads group members will get to provide an infomercial at each weekly meeting. This continuous introduction gives you the opportunity to remind your group about what it is you need from them to help grow your business. Therefore, they get to know you and understand how they can help you grow your business.

As a business owner, manager, or sales person, you are very busy. By joining a leads group, you can maximize your time selling by helping other members refer business your way when they are meeting people outside of the group and hear certain buzzwords. Besides having the knowledge of what your business sales needs are, you will share your business cards, flyers and other information to help when they refer business to you. And you learn to do the same for them so you all get referrals that grow your businesses.

Visit our quarterly Jump Start Your Morning event.

Each quarter, the Chamber leads groups hold networking together in “Jump Start Your Morning”. This event is free to anyone interested in learning more about joining one of our leads groups. In addition, Chamber members can attend a couple of weekly leads group meetings to determine if they want to join. Contact the Chamber to learn about our next Jump Start Your Morning event or to join a leads group.