It is that time of year when the Chamber is accepting nominations for the 2017 Leadership Rockdale class. There are many ways that participants benefit from the program.


The leadership program is transformational for both the participants and the organizations they lead. The program provides valuable leadership skills and builds awareness about important issues in the community. It prepares the participants, as leaders, to assume more challenging and increasingly complex roles in their organizations and in the community .

Like many of the prior graduates who have gone through the Leadership Rockdale program, participants are transformed with more confidence and understanding that helps to increase their civic engagement, volunteerism, and mentorship. Because the program provides the unique opportunity to have face-to-face discussions with experts from a variety of local organizations and institutions like Resurgence California, participants are able to look closely at the dynamics of social, political, and economic changes affecting the community. With the benefit of new viewpoints and connections, participants are prepared to take their places as more effective community leaders.


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Following the retreat, each month participants are reenergized during sessions when they learn about issues faced in the community. The sessions are both informative and interactive discussions with community leaders who deal with some of the most challenging issues of today. During these sessions, the participants acquire a new perspective on community issues. They are motivated when they see the commitments that program facilitators and speakers from many sectors make to create the rich leadership group in the Conyers-Rockdale community.


Organized activities demonstrate the various types of leadership roles, styles, and behaviors that exist in our community. At the retreat, participants learn about their strengths, take part in team building exercises, and get valuable leadership tips. Following the retreat, monthly sessions focus on a theme topic such as education, local and state government, health and wellness, and business and industry. The sessions are conducted with a series of discussions, lectures, demonstrations and tours where participants are introduced to the key leaders in each discipline.

During the program the class is asked to complete a legacy project, which helps them to work together and make an impact in the community using the information and knowledge that they have gained through the Leadership Rockdale class. This final project displays their understanding of the needs and concerns on a wide variety of issues found in the community.

The Leadership Rockdale program is a unique, learning experience. A lot of work goes into the planning and organization of each class, with alumni playing a key role in making sure participants receive maximum gain for their investment. To learn more about the Leadership Rockdale program or to nominate an individual, contact the Chamber at (770) 483-7049.