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Unity Garden at Olde Town – LR 2019

The Unity Garden at Olde Town represents our community’s commitment to a better, diverse, and united Rockdale County. The Unity Garden was envisioned, designed, and built by the Leadership Rockdale Class of 2019 as their legacy project for the people of Rockdale County. Further, the site represents the efforts of a diverse group of our community leaders.

Project Inception & Implementation. Starting with a community building exercise, the 2019 leadership class came to envision a true community landmark to represent diversity, unity, and legacy.

Led by Mr. Steven Bromell, CEO of Pro Cutters Lawnscapes, Inc., the leadership class worked with City of Conyers and Rockdale County officials to design, approve, and execute the site creation. Further, the class raised all funds from private contributors to ensure a true community effort and gift to future generations.

Community Appreciation. On April 17th, 2019, the City of Conyers approved the official site name “Unity Garden at Olde Town” after receiving a recommendation from the Leadership Rockdale Class of 2019.

The site was officially dedicated on May 2nd, 2019. The Unity Garden at Olde Town made possible by the Leadership Rockdale Class of 2019 and our local partners, the City of Conyers, Rockdale County, the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, and Pro Cutters Lawnscapes.


Each year, the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce hosts the Leadership Rockdale program to educate aspiring leaders to learn more about our community and become engaged. The 36 members of the 2019 Leadership Rockdale class are:

Robin Barnes, Blair Barnhardt, Rob Betzel, Steve Bromell, Jamie Cabe, Nadine Campbell, Tanya Cobb, Thomas C. Dean, III, Riki Delamar, Jeff Easley, Stacy Emeri Watson, Ron Fairley, Santana Flanigan, Paige Fowler, Charlie Gasner, Vickey Hale, Toni Hannah, Noemi Hays, Regina Jackson, Brenda Landers, Lana Lane, Shamarius Mathis, Ben McCumber, Tara Nestich, Mandi Oeland, John Mark Oliver, Amanda Pilgrim, Michael Ramos, Jason Redmond, Talesha Savage, Ritchie Spivey, Narrene Taffe, Laura Tuck, Nancy Williams-Oharume, Jennifer Wolfe, Maureen Wood