Every November the Chamber shows gratitude to our members through our Operation Thank You Program. Just like in business, the Chamber knows that one of the most vital forms of gratitude is showing appreciation to our members. We believe it is the simple things that make for success in business. Our ambassadors and other members volunteer to deliver gifts to fellow member businesses over the course of one week. Their combined efforts in implementing this simple act of appreciation help us to be a strong and vibrant resource to you.

Ways Operation Thank You Benefits Us All

Staying in Touch

Operation Thank You is more than delivering gifts. It is a way for us to connect with you, as a member, and stay in touch. It might only be a few minutes that our representative stops by, but it is a personal one-on-one connection with a smile. As our representatives, the Ambassadors and other member volunteers reach out to you as an owner or manager of the business. We want to find out how we can help your business. It’s a great way for us to answer your questions and gain feedback for our program development. That feedback helps us to continuously think forward about ways we can best help you and other members to grow.

Improving Retention

Our Operation Thank You program would not be the success that it is without our volunteers. We recognize the importance the program has had in retaining members. With the help of our Ambassadors and other members, we could reach out to over 450 members over the course of one week in November. By cultivating an attitude of gratitude, we not only retain more members but we also experience sustained growth.

Empowering Members

Gratitude is very powerful. It is inspiring when we see the commitment our volunteers give to this program. And it is empowering for them to help make a difference in the community. There is renewed energy when they get the opportunity to meet with other business leaders in our community. During their visits, they can glimpse the great things being done that directly impact our local economy.

For the Chamber, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our members succeed. Our Operation Thank You program helps us create an environment where our members can thrive, be creative, and expand their potential. It helps us to focus on your growth.

For more information on our Operation Thank You program and the other programs we offer, contact us at 770.483.7049. Anyway, here are the best products for your pet.