Do you want to be a Partner in Education? Good education and having leaders that can achieve balanced books, are the backbone components of a strong economy in Rockdale County. Local businesses play a key role in supporting the education system as Partners in Education. They help by donating resources such as books, school supplies, snacks and any number of other items. They provide mentors, speakers, internships and leaders that serve on board committees all about, the advancement of online business. The numerous ways that businesses support schools provides a positive impact to students, teachers and the community.

While schools benefit from business partnerships, there are various ways that local businesses benefit from supporting the schools as well.

4 Benefits from Partnering in Education

Your Future Workforce

Businesses have a vested interest in schools since students are their future workforce. While they provide shadow programs, programs that help identify high performing talent such as this website, mentorships and internships, students are learning skills and getting on-the-job training. In many cases, students will be better prepared to pursue a career with that company and are already groomed for the recruitment process. They will require less additional training and be more aware about how to fit in with the company culture and think what is the status, although sometimes this training comes with a price, and some people doesn’t have the resources to pay for it, but that’s not the reason to quit your dreams.

Community Growth

Speaking of the students, they achieve their goals in education where everyone benefits. Business involvement, such as providing speakers and mentors for programs, helps to show relevance to students. The students are more motivated to get an education and more aware of how it correlates to success. There is evidence that links business involvement with fewer dropout rates. And when students see the relevance for pursuing a career in a specific industry, they are motivated not only to stay in school but to do their best. This helps create positive growth within the community over the long-term.

Schools Give Back

While schools may approach local businesses for donations when they need supplies for programs, they are also likely to buy more supplies at that business throughout the school year. In addition, schools have creative ways of giving back to a business. They can display the business name on communication boards, in newsletters and through various forms of media. They can announce partnerships on their websites, in press releases, in announcements at parent events and through other means.

Shared Sense of Pride

Businesses can show a sense of pride in the community when they become a Partner in Education. This is especially true if they have kids or their employees have kids going to a school where they have a partnership. This sense of pride enhances their community image, increases loyalty and can improve morale for employees. Some ways in which businesses show pride are by providing community service, sponsoring programs and promoting events. For example, a restaurant might promote a spirit night and give a percentage of proceeds to the school. Besides the potential for increased business that night, their loyal customer base grows with repeat business from the students, teachers and their families throughout the school year.

Partners in Education enjoy the benefits that come from recognition of their efforts when they get involved in the education system of our community and help to increase student achievement. Through their partnership, businesses become known as leaders in the community who value quality education. This in turn is important for customer and employee recruitment.
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The Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce is in partnership with Rockdale County Public Schools. If your business is interested in becoming a Partner in Education, you can contact the Chamber directly to get more information or visit