Governmental Affairs

Georgia Capitol BuildingThe Chamber is the voice for your business in government. We actively develop and promote policy positions on critical issues impacting the business community, as well as continuously assert our role as the leading business organization in the community on your behalf on all levels of government. The Chamber’s Government Affairs promotes policy priorities that support the expansion of business and protects employers.

A fundamental component of the Chamber’s mission is to advocate the views of the business community to our elected officials. This is done by engaging elected officials in meaningful policy discussions on your behalf. Our Government Affairs Committee is a dynamic volunteer committee of Chamber leaders who guide the Chamber in its public policy positions.

The Chamber’s legislative and policy priorities are developed by its Governmental Affairs Committee. This committee analyzes issues and makes determinations that guide the Chamber’s positioning on matters to promote fiscal responsibility at the state and local government levels, improve our education system, and strengthen the business environment and economy in our community.

Are you interested in serving on the Governmental Affairs Committee? If so, please contact the Chamber office by email at or by phone at 770-483-7049.

2017 Legislative Priorities

Health Care:

  • Support Georgia’s health planning process, Certificate of Need (CON) which preserves access to health care for all Georgians including the uninsured and underinsured.
  • Support continuing elimination of fraud and waste in existing government plans like Medicare, Medicaid and /or PeachCare.

       Prevention & Wellness

  • Support voluntary prevention and wellness initiatives that create cost savings for employers, employees and providers.


  • Maintain the authority of the local Board of Education by opposing any legislation that attempts to override the constitutional authority of the locally elected Board of Education.
  • Support a fair and equitable system of teacher /leader evaluation that utilizes a growth/progress model for student achievement.
  • Cease Austerity Reductions and restore full funding to Public Education and support a fair and equitable state funding formula for public education


  • Improve Georgia’s infrastructure through maximizing current revenue sources and increasing overall funding for transportation.

Economic Development:

  • Support Constitutional Amendment authorizing the General Assembly to provide by general law for pari-mutuel betting.
  • Increased funding for REBA, One Georgia, Quickstart and ICAPP as well as fully funding state programs and departments vital to economic development.
  • Support incentives that will continue to attract the film industry to Georgia.
  • Support ongoing examination of current tax base, tax rates and compliance requirement to ensure a Georgia business environment that is fair and competitive.
  • Maintain local control of natural resources. Rockdale County will maintain local control of Rockdale County Water Resources.

General Business:

  • Seek and support legislation that provides stiffer penalties to include restitution and mandatory jail time for Identity Theft.
  • Support market-driven healthcare which will reduce the cost of insurance to employers. Allow employers to shop health care insurance across state boarders that will provide adequate healthcare coverage and rein in costs for business owners.

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As a local non-profit joining the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber has been on of the most effective and beneficial decisions we at AWAKE Coffee Community have made. Now in our third consecutive year, I firmly believe we would not have experienced the growth we have without the support and encouragement of our Thursday community connecters leads group.
Noelle Cosby, President and Co-Founder