2014 Annual Meeting Video

Tuesday, January 28 the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber held our annual meeting in the Carriage Room at the Georgia International Horse Park. For those who were not able to attend the sold out event the Rockdale News streamed the event live via the Internet. An archived copy of the video is available on Youtube.

What You Should Look for in a Moving Company

You will have to answer several questions before you start moving cross-country or across towns. In fact, finding a long-distance company to move your households from one state to another may seem as simple as a quick Google search. However, there are a few things you need to consider to find the best moving company. If you can’t wait, you can already visit redondovanandstorage.com, a well known local movers rolling hills ca service. Have you ever wonder what’s the best technique when cleaning a countertop? Click the link for more details.



Any legitimate long distance movers in USA will not limit your access to their certification details. In fact, many companies will provide these details even without your request. Make sure your prospect moving company has DOT licenses, Pro Mover Certification, and FMCSA certification before making your final hiring decision. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and moving associations such as FMCSA and AMSA can help you find moving companies that are reputable.


The information available to you regarding long distance moving companies can make it easier to narrow down the process of searching a moving company. You can review online customer comments or utilize word-of-mouth references from your friends and family to gain insight into the moving company you are evaluating. Avoid working with a moving company that is asking you to deposit some cash to secure your schedule. In fact, it is illegal for long distance moving companies to ask for a deposit. The reputation of a moving company can be an indicator of the services to expect during and after transit.

Insurance and License

Your destination plays an integral role in determining your moving company’s license requirements. You only require state licensing if you are moving within a state. However, your moving company will need a US DOT number if you are relocating from one country to another. You can visit the US DOT’s official database if you want to verify the validity of your moving company’s US DOT number. Transacting with an insured moving company is essential. Similarly, you can confirm the validity of your moving company’s license in the DOT’s official database. Any moving company that is not licensed or insured cannot guarantee the safety of your households. You could also check the scope of your moving company’s insurance to decide if you need supplemental insurance.



Clients are increasingly requesting moving estimates over their phone. Moving companies are now using an estimator tool to give clients the option of viewing a quotation over their phones. In fact, booking for small apartments or home moves has been made easier by the fact that you can secure your schedule immediately with a deposit. It is recommendable to schedule an in-home estimate with your mover to get accurate quotes for large moves. That will also allow you to interact with the people that will be handling your belongings. You want to learn more about the processes of a prospect moving company so that you can know your expectations at every step of your move. You require to research extensively and review customer feedback to determine if your moving company is reputable. The next time you are moving your households, look for a reputable company that is experienced in long-distance moving. When the drivers got into road accident while moving the belongings, visit lawyernc.com for the legal help of Hardison injury lawyers