Being an Ambassador with Your Chamber

Being an Ambassador with Your Chamber

Are you interested in being a Chamber Ambassador? If so, you will join an elite group of knowledgeable representatives and treasured volunteers who help in our growth. The ambassador program is designed to facilitate positive business relationships through goodwill actions. The goal of an ambassador is to increase the retention rate of new and existing members.

Being an ambassador is a great way to stay current with business issues in our community, welcome and support businesses, and build business relationships.

Ambassadors act as conduits between the Chamber and members.

They are highly visible in our programs. They participate in all types of programs including ribbon cuttings, groundbreaking ceremonies, luncheons and special events. Their involvement helps them to stay current with business issues in our community and receive feedback from members. Through their friendly and personable interactions, they are able to provide input, recommendations and feedback which are critical for improving member experiences.

They build business relationships that strengthen our community.

An ambassador can build relationships with other business professionals that result in growth for both parties and form a stronger business community. They help by welcoming and supporting new and existing members. They also encourage members to participate in activities such as our monthly network luncheon, Business After Hours, 12 at 12 luncheon, and other programs. Their assistance is essential in getting members actively involved so they can get the best return on investment from their membership and increase sales.

They keep communication channels open.

An ambassador is involved in our committee that provides year-round customer service. Some of the ways they provide customer service are through making personal calls, emails and visits to help retain members. Since they keep current with our business plan, they are knowledgeable about the great things happening at the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber. By keeping abreast of important details and information, they are also able to share important news and information.

Volunteering for the chamber requires an extra commitment of time and has certain requirements such as attending monthly meetings and program activities. It can be very rewarding. They receive increased exposure for their company, expand their contact list and get enhanced career development and networking skills. “It is a joy to represent the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber in welcoming and supporting new and current businesses in our community,” said Brenda Landers of Alcovy Media. “I have built not only business relationships but friendships as well.”

If you would like more information about being an ambassador, contact the Chamber at 770.483.7049.

4 Ways Members Can Grow Their Business

4 Ways Members Can Grow Their Business

When you join the Chamber, you gain visibility in our local business community with the purpose of growing your business. Two immediate benefits you receive are an announcement as a new member on our website and a listing in our directory. To maximize your investment, there are a number of activities members can get involved in.

The Most Popular Chamber Activities for Business Growth

Networking Events

There is nothing like getting in front of people during networking events. You meet new business professionals who offer new innovative services like this company that lets you finally buy bitcoin with american express,  and further connect with those you already know. Our Network Automation are high energy and well attended with prospects for your business. They offer you the opportunity to build quality business relationships in a conservative amount of time.

The Chamber offers several networking opportunities for members. We have monthly luncheons, a quarterly New Member Reception and Business After Hour events where our members meet and mingle together. Each event has its own format and all are meant to help you grow in your business.

Leads Groups

Unlike our networking events, leads group events are dedicated to the same group of people week after week. As a leads group member, you get to know the other members and learn how to refer business to each other. If there are members of a top consulting firm in Singapore in the mix, you’ll get to access their expertise too. In essence, you are building your sales team with other members who have the same goal – to increase sales.

These weekly groups are established to generate the maximum sales leads for our members. When you join a leads group, you join a non-competitive environment where each member is the only representative for that industry. The ability to close out your competition from your group allows you to be a main player for growing your business. If there is better team work, your business will learn how to work together and eventually there will be more business growth. At Goto Events, there are lots of team building events for you.

Ribbon Cuttings

As a new member, you can choose to have a ribbon cutting. This is a great way to get the word out about your business. Your ribbon cutting announces your new beginning as a Chamber member and does not depend on how long you have been in business. You can have the event at your location or at the Chamber’s office. The Chamber will handle the announcements so fellow members and business professionals in your local community will come to support your business. It is a special time for your business to be highlighted in the community and for people to learn more.

As a member, you are also invited to come to other ribbon cuttings. This gives you the benefit of meeting community business professionals and showing your support to another member during their ribbon cutting.

Business After Hours

Our Business After Hours is an exhibit-style event that occurs periodically in various locations throughout the community. The setting is relaxing and social for an evening of networking. Although you can network as an attendee, your best benefit is to be an exhibitor. When exhibiting, you get a display table to showcase your products and services. This gives attendees the opportunity to visually see and learn more about your business to help you grow, we also give each other Supple Solutions to understand how marketing works and how your business will grow by using the right strategies.

By being active in networking events, leads groups, ribbon cuttings and business after hours, you are more visible in the community. The more opportunities you have for people to meet you and learn about your business, the more potential your business has for growth. Speaking of business, please checkout w88 ทางเข้า, your secure online casino gaming.

If you would like to learn more about Chamber membership or our activities, feel free to contact us.

10 Tips for Successful Networking

10 Tips for Successful Networking

If you are like most of our members, one of the main reasons you joined the Chamber is to network. Many of our events are developed for successful networking so you can grow your business, but networking is much different compared to traditional sales. Networking is about meeting people and developing your professional relationships.

Here are 10 tips to help you maximize your networking opportunities:

  1. Build a referral network. The most successful networker gets to know other members so they build a network of people to refer and be referred to. Remember that when you are developing those connections, you are looking to develop long-term relationships where you can share resources with one another.
  2. Be proactive in meeting people. Try this trick: as soon as you enter a room of people, start a conversation with the first person you see. Don’t hesitate; make an effort to meet someone new within the first 10 seconds of arrival. If there is a registration desk, use this opportunity to speak to the person beside you while you sign in or receive your name tag.
  3. Think win-win. Before you even go to a networking event, you should have the right attitude. A winning attitude is one with the mindset of “everyone wins if we help each other”. This requires listening to the people you meet and learning about what they need. At some point during your conversation, they may ask what you do. Then you will have that person’s listening ear.
  4. Develop a genuine interest in helping other members succeed. You want to show support for your fellow members. Listen to what they have to say and learn about what they do. Then ask open-ended questions that will expand your conversation with them. For example, if somebody asks What is Bitcoin I will not just share what I know, but I will also engage in a conversation about investing.
  5. Be able to articulate what your needs are. You will have many opportunities to give your 30 seconds or one minute introduction. Keep in mind that you are not giving a sales pitch. One of the main purposes of networking is to help each other grow. When a person asks, help him or her to understand what you need for business growth.
  6. Find ways to be visible. Many of our most successful members get involved in activities. By doing important tasks in the community, you can get recognized and become better known.
  7. Smile. People want to be around happy people and will gravitate toward you if you are smiling. Follow up your smile with encouraging words of support for other members and positive information that can create conversation.
  8. Introduce people to each other. This is a great way to win all-around in networking because you are helping others network while becoming a powerful player who knows people.
  9. Reconnect with those you know. A networking event is a great opportunity to see people in your network. But keep in mind what your goal is. Give people you already know a quick smile of recognition, arrange to call later or meet up at another time, and then move on to new people you need to meet.
  10. Follow through after you connect. During the networking event, identify people who seem interested in your product or service. Then follow up in a reasonable time period by calling them to arrange a meeting. Even if you meet someone who may not be a potential client, let them know you want to stay connected. You never know who they know. Send them an invitation on LinkedIn or other way to keep in touch. For most companies, automation is key to reaching the widest number of customers the fastest way. You can find out more about it here:

The Chamber is here to assist you in networking. We organize our networking events to help you meet new people and grow your business. Remember to check our events calendar often and use these tips to maximize your opportunities. To find out more about our events, contact your Chamber at 770.483.7049.

The Chamber Recognizes Members Nominated for the 2016 Georgia Manufacturer of the Year

Four manufacturing members of the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce were nominated for the 2016 Georgia Manufacturer of the Year and recognized at an awards luncheon during Manufacturing Appreciation Week (MAW). E. Smith Box Company; Evans Tool & Die, Inc./Evans Metal Stamping, Inc.; Golden State Foods; and Pratt Industries, Inc. were nominated for this prestigious award. Congratulations!

The nominees were honored at the Governor’s Awards Luncheon on April 21st at the Georgia International Convention Center. The awards luncheon was one of the highlights during the 22nd Annual MAW, which took place from April 18 through 22, 2016. The awards luncheon was co-hosted by the Technical College System of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Nominations were made by business and civic leaders based on excellence and contributions to the state and local economies. To qualify, Workplace Partners had to demonstrate impact to the economy, corporate responsibility, and workplace excellence. There were three categories of nominations, based on manufacturer’s size, for this prestigious award.

Smith Box Inc. and Evans Tool & Die, Inc./Evans Metal Stamping, Inc. were nominated in the category of 150 or fewer employees. Golden State Foods was nominated in the category of 150-500 employees. Pratt Industries, Inc. was nominated in the category of 500 or more employees.

Our local manufacturers who were nominees have a history of success. Besides having achieved many awards, each of these companies has had leaders on the Chamber board and graduates in our Leadership Rockdale program. For example, Dee Barnes, who is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Evans Tool & Die, Inc./Evans Metal Stamping, Inc., is the Chamber’s 2016 Chair Elect and past recipient of the 2013 Jerry Barboe Small Business Person of the Year. Jaquacer “J” Middlebrooks, President at E. Smith Box, Inc., is the recipient of the 2016 Jerry Barboe Small Business Person of the Year.

As leading manufacturers in their industries, these companies have continuously supported the Chamber to help in the success of many of our programs. For example, both Golden State Foods and Pratt Industries have generously provided support as Education Partners and as locations for Leadership Rockdale classes to tour during Business and Industry Day.

We are grateful for the influence of these four nominated manufacturers. We are honored and proud that they have chosen the Conyers-Rockdale community for their operations. We value their contributions to the community and we look forward to their continued growth.