we3 Women’s Conference

we3 Women’s Conference

we3 Women’s Conference
Women Engaging, Empowering, Educating

The we3 Conference will celebrate the multi-faceted qualities of women. The forum will provide an uplifting, empowering atmosphere validating both the complex inner and outer beauty of women. The conference will ultimately build self-esteem providing opportunities for personal growth, building friendships and enriching the lives of women in Conyers-Rockdale and the surrounding communities.

Friday October 19th
Discover Point Church
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Registration begins at 9:00 am

Tickets (includes lunch) $25. Must Be Purchased in advance and will not be available at the door. Register before September 1, 2017, early bird tickets $20.

Conference includes Keynote Speaker, Breakout Sessions, Vendors and Woman of the Year Award.

Sponsorship opportunities available.

To register as a sponsor or purchase tickets, please visit www.conyers-rockdale.com/we3 or contact the Chamber at 770-483-7049.

Woman Of the Year:

Do you know a woman whose work contributes to uplifting women by engaging, educating and empowering them? Maybe you’re that woman!

The we3 Woman of the Year Award is to recognize an individual woman who has distinguished herself, her profession and her commitment to uplifting women in the Conyers-Rockdale community. The recipient will be recognized for her accomplishments at the we3 Conference to held on Friday, October 19, 2018.


Thank you to our Sponsors!

The Success of Operation Thank You

The Success of Operation Thank You

Every November the Chamber shows gratitude to our members through our Operation Thank You Program. Just like in business, the Chamber knows that one of the most vital forms of gratitude is showing appreciation to our members. We believe it is the simple things that make for success in business. Our ambassadors and other members volunteer to deliver gifts to fellow member businesses over the course of one week. Their combined efforts in implementing this simple act of appreciation help us to be a strong and vibrant resource to you.

Ways Operation Thank You Benefits Us All

Staying in Touch

Operation Thank You is more than delivering gifts. It is a way for us to connect with you, as a member, and stay in touch. It might only be a few minutes that our representative stops by, but it is a personal one-on-one connection with a smile. As our representatives, the Ambassadors and other member volunteers reach out to you as an owner or manager of the business. We want to find out how we can help your business. It’s a great way for us to answer your questions and gain feedback for our program development. That feedback helps us to continuously think forward about ways we can best help you and other members to grow.

Improving Retention

Our Operation Thank You program would not be the success that it is without our volunteers. We recognize the importance the program has had in retaining members. With the help of our Ambassadors and other members, we could reach out to over 450 members over the course of one week in November. By cultivating an attitude of gratitude, we not only retain more members but we also experience sustained growth.

Empowering Members

Gratitude is very powerful. It is inspiring when we see the commitment our volunteers give to this program. And it is empowering for them to help make a difference in the community. There is renewed energy when they get the opportunity to meet with other business leaders in our community. During their visits, they can glimpse the great things being done that directly impact our local economy.

For the Chamber, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our members succeed. Our Operation Thank You program helps us create an environment where our members can thrive, be creative, and expand their potential. It helps us to focus on your growth.

For more information on our Operation Thank You program and the other programs we offer, contact us at 770.483.7049. Anyway, here are the best products for your pet.

How Local Businesses Benefit from Being Partners in Financial Education

How Local Businesses Benefit from Being Partners in Financial Education

Do you want to be a Partner in Education? Good education and having leaders that can achieve balanced books, are the backbone components of a strong economy in Rockdale County. Local businesses play a key role in supporting the education system as Partners in Education. They help by donating resources such as books, school supplies, snacks and any number of other items. They provide mentors, speakers, internships and leaders that serve on board committees all about cryptocurrencyblog.com.au, the advancement of online business. The numerous ways that businesses support schools provides a positive impact to students, teachers and the community.

While schools benefit from business partnerships, there are various ways that local businesses benefit from supporting the schools as well.

4 Benefits from Partnering in Education

Your Future Workforce

Businesses have a vested interest in schools since students are their future workforce. While they provide shadow programs, programs that help identify high performing talent such as this website http://stevetrautman.com/), mentorships and internships, students are learning skills and getting on-the-job training. In many cases, students will be better prepared to pursue a career with that company and are already groomed for the recruitment process. They will require less additional training and be more aware about how to fit in with the company culture and think what is the status, although sometimes this training comes with a price, and some people doesn’t have the resources to pay for it, but that’s not the reason to quit your dreams.

Community Growth

Speaking of the students, they achieve their goals in education where everyone benefits. Business involvement, such as providing speakers and mentors for programs, helps to show relevance to students. The students are more motivated to get an education and more aware of how it correlates to success. There is evidence that links business involvement with fewer dropout rates. And when students see the relevance for pursuing a career in a specific industry, they are motivated not only to stay in school but to do their best. This helps create positive growth within the community over the long-term.

Schools Give Back

While schools may approach local businesses for donations when they need supplies for programs, they are also likely to buy more supplies at that business throughout the school year. In addition, schools have creative ways of giving back to a business. They can display the business name on communication boards, in newsletters and through various forms of media. They can announce partnerships on their websites, in press releases, in announcements at parent events and through other means.

Shared Sense of Pride

Businesses can show a sense of pride in the community when they become a Partner in Education. This is especially true if they have kids or their employees have kids going to a school where they have a partnership. This sense of pride enhances their community image, increases loyalty and can improve morale for employees. Some ways in which businesses show pride are by providing community service, sponsoring programs and promoting events. For example, a restaurant might promote a spirit night and give a percentage of proceeds to the school. Besides the potential for increased business that night, their loyal customer base grows with repeat business from the students, teachers and their families throughout the school year.

Partners in Education enjoy the benefits that come from recognition of their efforts when they get involved in the education system of our community and help to increase student achievement. Through their partnership, businesses become known as leaders in the community who value quality education. This in turn is important for customer and employee recruitment.
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The Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce is in partnership with Rockdale County Public Schools. If your business is interested in becoming a Partner in Education, you can contact the Chamber directly to get more information or visit http://www.rcpspartner.com/.

Why You Should Support Local Business

Why You Should Support Local Business

When it comes to helping the Conyers-Rockdale community thrive, it is important to buy local. This means purchasing frequently from independent, locally-owned businesses for your home especially for your roofing like you can have a peek at this web-site – Palm Beach Roofing Expert and appliances from https://advancedhc.com/. These IP startup local business owners contribute a lot of time and energy into starting and keeping their businesses alive. They rely on your support to be successful. For a quality and good lawyers for your business you can checkout Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas, TX. And that support in turn goes back into helping the local economy prosper.

Think Local Business First

Buying local can require a change in habits. It is easy to stop on your way home to pick up groceries or grab take-out for dinner. We all enjoy the conveniences of having stores and restaurants on the way to where we are coming and going. But how often are you choosing a small, local business over a large corporate chain? How often are you buying in the Conyers-Rockdale community instead of in a neighboring city or county? Think locally first when you buy. Whether your walls are in need of a new coat of paint or your home is in need of a new color scheme, hiring professional interior painting services houston tx is a great way to ensure that you achieve the look you want. Learn more at aapainting.org

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Solar power has become a very popular source of energy over the past decade or so as people have come to recognize just how good it is. Not only solar panel setup is a free source of energy (after the initial outlay), it’s also a very green one too.

Here are three reasons to think and buy locally:

Encourage Economic Stability

Approximately half of small businesses survive more than five years and consist of your local coffee shops, favorite boutiques, chiropractors, beauty salons, home carpeting and flooring like the ones available at https://carpettogo.com/2016/08/5-best-carpet-brands-homeowners/ When you support a small, local business, you are helping them financially so they can grow and prosper. As they grow into stronger companies, they are better able to give back to the community. Studies show that when you support an independent, locally-owned business, more money is recycled back into helping more independent, locally-owned businesses. Thus, buying local helps to strengthen the economic base of your community. 

Support Quality Growth

Many independent, locally-owned businesses are self-employed. When they grow, they provide jobs to more local residents. Statistics show that they are the largest employers nationally. Find Out More, since they are likely to spend more money on other businesses in the community, they are helping to employ even more people in area businesses. The best thing for a business to do is get logbook loans so they can get money when they really need it. How much can I get with an unemployed loan is also a question. You can visit www.pickaloan.co.uk for more information.

More jobs equal more opportunities! There is evidence that shows entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to invest and settle in communities that preserve their independent businesses and unique character. They are more likely to get involved in key leadership positions that can impact the quality of life of residents and businesses. And they are more likely to get involved in key issues that help improve the health and vitality of the community.

Increase Overall Choice

All too often independent, locally-owned businesses are overlooked for all the wrong reasons. Small, local business merchants are able to obtain the same inventory and the same quality for items at similarly competitive rates as big chains. The differences are often in the range of products and variety, not in the price. Prices are listed in an online platform such as soda pdf editor, where you can easily change and update what you input.

For example, big corporate chains have a process for ordering inventory that often involves a sales plan for a much broader range of products that provide the convenience of shopping in one location. However, they are selecting the products for you to buy and do not typically offer a variety of similar products to choose from.

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When you shop at a smaller merchant, they often focus on providing products for that industry. They have specialty inventory or multiple brands available. Their processes are more flexible so you can find boutique items or request special orders. They usually have a better understanding of the products and services they are offering. They are also more likely to take the time to know you so you then can offer exactly what you are looking for in a product. On other investment and business article, checkout this blog about great places in Seattle.

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There are many benefits to buying from a small, local business. To find out what businesses are in the Conyers-Rockdale community, search our membership directory. For more information about local businesses in our area, contact the Chamber at 770.483.7049.

A Look at Economic Development in Conyers-Rockdale

A Look at Economic Development in Conyers-Rockdale

The Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council (CREDC) is continuously looking at opportunities to retain, expand, and attract companies to our community. The future health and strength of our local economy relies on the growth of traditional and emerging industries with the ability to bring good jobs and improve the quality of life to the people in our area.

Future growth and opportunities are seen by looking at the activities of the CREDC. These activities were spotlighted during the first Economic Development Breakfast Series on July 12, 2016. During the breakfast, presentations were provided by CREDC Executive Director Marty Jones, CREDC Project Manager Gina Hartsell, and Georgia Power’s Regional Director Lauren Lambiase.

The Local Economic Growth Outlook

During the breakfast, Marty Jones and Gina Hartsell shared how traditional and emerging industries are thriving and growing in the Conyers-Rockdale community. Manufacturing and other industries are expanding with the resources and workforce that give them a competitive advantage. Television and filming industries are able to access talented professionals while our area provides a unique blend of historical and artistic influences that serve as an important backdrop for productions. Another investment plan that has been going through the businesses is is Good Coin. If you don’t know what that is and want to get started then check out this Good Coin Guide.

Manufacturing and Transportation

During the past year, the Conyers-Rockdale community has placed a reported 1,073 more workers into jobs. There is more to look forward to with projected job growth. In the volume transportation sector, Dart Container Corporation estimates adding 30 more high tech jobs. In the manufacturing sector, companies such as ABC Compounding Co., Inc. estimate adding 100 new jobs and Acuity Brands Lighting estimate adding several hundred new jobs over the next few years.

Investments from manufacturing companies such as Batchelor and Kimball and C&K Plastics are anticipated to bring growth and new jobs. Batchelor and Kimball are investing $6 million into a new facility for 200 employees. The facility in Conyers is planned as relocation for their corporate headquarters and a new manufacturing plant. C&K Plastics has purchased a 95,000 square foot building for relocating a new facility. They estimate bringing approximately 50 to 60 new jobs to the area. In addition, Ashley Capital recently completed a 175,000 square foot, Class A industrial space that appeals to a wide variety of corporate users. Commercial properties with ample space for a garage for additional parking or storage are also enjoined to support city efforts. You can look for garage door repair experts in Moreno Valley or the one closest to your area for an assessment on fixing an existing unit or installing a new one.

Television and Filming Production

The CREDC is helping to bring the billion dollar film industry to our community. Known as the biggest little filming community in Georgia, Conyers has over 14 films in production over the next few months. Films such as Sony Pictures “Hail Mary” and Warner Bros. “Paranormal” will be filmed at multiple locations.

Conyers and Rockdale County are the principal filming and production locations for the popular television shows “The Originals”, “Halt and Catch Fire”, and “Sleepy Hollow”. CREDC recently reported that Raulet Property Partners purchased the 134,000 square foot building on 23 acres where the East Mountain Studios was previously located. Renamed Eastside Stageworks, this property is being leased for five years to Warner Bros. Entertainment and occupied by Bonanza Productions during the filming of Season 4 of “The Originals”. They always have a great appearance on set, you can enhance your visual appearance by visiting and consulting with Dr. Ran Rubinstein.
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Bonanza Productions is leasing more than 360,000 square feet of production offices, stages, and land with 300 full-time employees in Rockdale County. For production of Season 4 of “Sleepy Hollow”, Twentieth Century Fox Television is leasing more than 225,000 square feet of offices and stages. The television production brings a total of 300 full-time employees to Rockdale County.

The Regional and State Economic Growth Outlook

Many of the resources needed to retain, expand, and attract industries come from our local community in addition to the surrounding region and state. With over 60 plus technical and university systems throughout Georgia, there is a highly productive and motivated workforce available to help industries be competitive. We offer tax incentives, low electricity rates, stable infrastructure and logistics to help minimize costs. We can also assist with inquiries on taxes, as well as the difference between SEP and simple IRA and other tricky issues that citizens are confused about. Our pro-business climate rounds out the perfect environment for companies to thrive. Furthermore, to keep the environment of your company or home safe from pests, look for
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The economic impact of the many companies in our community is enormous. With the CREDC working to continually develop our community, the impact will improve even more. To learn about Rockdale’s economic development, visit http://www.credcga.org/. To keep current with television and filming productions in our area, visit www.filmrockdale.com.